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Synival has been hard at work on Harmonia for the last year, and all that effort has paid off with the release of a new demo!

From the release notes:

What’s in the demo:

  • The Battle Arena – Harmonia’s first official mod!
  • Harmonia’s strategic combat system (excluding magic and skills)
  • 5 difficulties, from “Newbie” to “Impossible”.
  • An early version of the inventory and equipment management system
  • Three biomes: plains/forest, crystal forest, and swamp
  • 20 different monsters to defeat in the arena
  • A revamped interface, introducing single player mode

As you can see, it’s come a long way since the days of “Shining MUD” (back in 2005)!

More Info & Download: Harmonia Demo v1.0.0! – Battle Arena

Aura4 has released the first demo of his new Shining-style project, “Mega Force”. Aura4 previously released a demo of the Shining Force 2 Remake (along with the source code) way back in 2008, so it’s great to see something new.

Like the SF2 remake, Mega Force is written using the XNA framework, so you’ll need to have that installed before you can play.

The demo contains 6 battles to play through, and the engine is already looking pretty solid. A word of warning – the AI is merciless, so be careful when sending your leader into battle. Healing magic works, but only if you can get there in time ;)


Make sure to leave some comments in the forum topic here: Is anybody interested in playing a Shining Force style game?

There’s a treat in store for members of Shining Force Central, the web’s largest Shining Force fansite. After 4 years of work, Moogie has released an updated version of the hugely popular RPG/Shop system. However, it’s not just a cosmetic update – there’s now a complete battle system to go along with the shops, items and collectibles.

Features include:

  • Create characters and equip them with classic Shining Force items
  • Fight monsters in the Battle Arena and level up
  • Sell rare items in the auction house
  • Buy and sell shares to make a little (or a lot) of gold on the side
  • Become hopelessly addicted to collecting the capsule toy figures

There’s more information, as well as tips for success, in the RPG Discussion Forum. If you’d rather just dive in, you can head to the forum RPG page.

Shining Force Central Forum RPG

It’s been a while since there were updates to Shining Force PC, but there’s a new update. Hurrah!

The update covers two parts – an A* engine so enemies can find their way around, and a custom editor for building everything. There are two videos, so make sure you check them out.

I spent a little over 2 solid weeks working on implementing A* pathfinding in the engine so that enemies can move in combat. There’s no AI yet to control how they choose what target to move to or have them inch up when there are no targets in range or anything like that, but this is an important first step.

Read More: SFPC – Summer 2012 Update

Harmonia Logo

It’s been a long journey for Harmonia (formally Shining MUD), but the project now has its very own Kickstarter! From the Harmonia Homepage:

Harmonia is now on Kickstarter! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to announce that our fund-raising campaign has finally begun! If you’d like to see us finish this game, you can support us by donating or by simply spreading the word. Fund-raising ends on Sep. 8th, 2012.

There’s a wealth of information on the Kickstarter page, including a video overview of the project, screenshots galore and playable demos for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you haven’t tried it since the last demo, you might find things have changed considerably ;)

Harmonia has come a very long way in the last few months, so show some support for Synival and his team :)

Harmonia Kickstarter